Friday, March 23, 2007

the beginning...

I don't have an exact date to begin with. It started 3-4 years ago at Joel's place... er or maybe a little before at 'spiritual' sessions at the Foyer Fiat. Nicolas, Joel, Patrick and a few other guys (and one girl - Nat that we probably won't forget that soon) used to bring their guitars and jammed after the sessions. I was there too; obviously with my classical guitar with the trembling G string ;) ... we used to talk about what we liked and we sure had a lot of things in common, we all liked Muse, Nirvana, Red Hot, RATM, Metallica, Radiohead. I had tried to market my stuff at the time telling them about dream theater, vai, satriani... but all those weekly meetings were just jams to have fun. I don't remember exactly who came up with the idea of a band but I don't feel this is important now..

Our headquarters was Joel's place, I had an electric guitar (an old yamaha which doesn't exist anymore but which I still use), a 10W amp, a korg ax100 (now I realise how bad that combo can be), Nicolas had his acoustic (I wonder whether that was his?), Joel had a squire and the same korg . We were 4 there: Joel, Nicolas, Patrick and I. At a point in time, Patrick left the country but the idea of having a full band with bass and drums was still there.

Joel's cousin, Carol, joined us, he was supposed to be the bass player (but no offense - he really wanted to sing) - he was a good singer and I still believe he is. Carol had no bass guitar at that time but bought one later. He stayed with us but left us recently to concentrate on studies and was planning to leave the country in all cases this year.

(still 3-4 years ago) We were still looking for a drummer everywhere and it was really hard to find one. There was Roger who was one of Joel's contact, who said he would be interested to join us, I can't remember whether we ever played a gig with him, but what I do remember clearly is that he never showed up at whatever meeting that we had planned. Then there was my friend Dorian who told me about Yannick. I met this guy at Rose Hill and talked to him about what we wanted to do: Rock Music. He had no drums, was a beginner but he was really motivated. We came up with a name: skeptikal ( an odd name for a rock band - but well we decided to keep it)

So this was our line-up: Joel (Zwel), Yannick(Supo), Nicolas (Baston), Carol and I(JP)...

2011 Update: ever since we had several line-up changes. Aum, Kenneth, Dorian, Yannick, Patrick, Rubain, Gary are all those who contributed somehow to the progress of the band.


Patrick said...

Sniff Sniff...
God, we HAD fun these days, whether at 'foyer' or at Joel's when his parents were away!
Remember the gig at Trianon, where the rehearsals went so well and when there were no microphone stands on the D-Day?
It was great to be there for the show @ Jazzi last June!
Well, I'm glad you guys went on with the 'having fun' concept; wish you luck for the years to come.

Jiepay said...

I am reading your comment and smiling, so many years after. I am grateful you are still here, and that the projects are now officially hot! \m/