Sunday, April 8, 2007

Our first concert... (2004 - not too sure which month)

That was our first night out! dcdm business school student party (crap party and badly organized in my opinion). The audience was around us and not the least interested in any of the bands that played on that night, except for the last band who sang out of tune on a Bob Marley song (mediocre but applauded .. :( .. ). As far as I can remember here was our playlist:
  • Godfather theme
  • Under the bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Time after time - Cindy Lauper (rock version - lol)
  • Stay - U2
  • Patience - Guns n' Roses

Kill the guy with the blue shirt!!!
I wonder why in Mauritius, a lot of people call themselves sound engineers, but this one was one of the worst we've had so far. A salsa band was playing before us and their sound was perfect. There is something people hate about rock on this island. The m#$f$#cker with the blue shirt just lowered the volume on the guitars as soon as he heard some distortion, meaning that I couldn't hear my guitar at all during the whole show, except for the acoustic part. What the f#$ with that guy...

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Mat2rue said...

Come on baby light my fire !!
Hi guys, just wana tell u that u Roxxx and i hope seeing you guys on stage very soon so. Keep rocking baby

Mathieu No.1 Fan