Sunday, November 29, 2009

Live In The Box - 12th Dec 2009 at Keops

It's our first official concert in 2009. A milestone somehow. We did spend half of the year working on our own songs and we're pretty happy of the end result; not that the songs are good, but it's about the group work, the friendship we shared and the fun we had working on them ^^. 5 songs is not a lot, but more than enough if we consider the fact that we meet to rehearse and work once a week.

Thanks to a few friends again for helping us out through the whole process: Dev, Patrick, Tania and Evan mainly and a few other persons for their precious feedback/help.

Our first recording is still on its way; we'll do our best to release it before the concert. We have faith.

Here is our official set list for the concert:

Shout (cover)
Pop Tarts
Amniotic Fluid
The Fall

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