Monday, July 30, 2007

some action...

we're slowly getting into it.

jo, baston & I went to see 'Reborn Orleans' live

we were so happy for them, it was a great show. what about us? well, we ended up at my place having some vodka ;)

we're trying to complete some songs. here are the 'not-so-official' titles
  1. barrier
  2. vinnie & the pop tarts
  3. dance in the fire (has no lyrics yet)
  4. wasted
the music..hmm.. well.. rock, we're trying to make it sound good

i'm probably going to post lyrics soon and set up a myspace account and maybe you'll hear our first official sound samples. the lyrics will be up to interpretation, I don't want to post meanings or say that it relates to one of us or someone else...

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