Wednesday, October 24, 2007

concert @ matala - 10th November

we're all excited by the event :) tickets are limited but my guess is that there are still a lot of tickets available.

how to buy tickets?
a) There are 2 phone numbers on the flyer. Click on it for a larger view.
b) You can buy them at Rs.200 only (pre-sales) at Density Shop, Galleries Evershine, Rose Hill

our unofficial playlist:

the warmth
under the bridge
fiddle and the drum
be yourself
time after time
loving the alien
enter sandman

P.S: a few people of our tiny fan base have been asking us on why we were not playing our own stuff on that night. The answer is simple. Our songs are still work in progress and need more preparation. We feel it's better to play those when we are all happy with the way they sound. I'm however confident that after this show, you'll hear more of the Skeptikal sound and less of those cover songs listed above...

P.P.S: concert from 9:30 to midnight. dancing party from midnight to ... sunrise (?)


Janet G said...

Longing to hear u play
hope can make it for the 10 at matala

Ali G said...

Seryer net! some velvet revolver,metallica and audioslave! nice nice nice!!!